Monday Musings, 15: "The Power of the Reset"

When January 1st hits every year, most people like to decompress and think about the goals they want to achieve in the new year. Although not much usually changes between December 31st and January 1st, the start of a new year is a symbolic time when people can "start over." In other words, a new year provides a sense of refreshment, new beginnings, and optimism. This is called a reset, a foolproof way to keep your mind and body fresh.

The reason resets are so important is because they provide a way for us to continuously rejuvenate ourselves in a world with so many demands and obligations. In the midst of our everyday lives, we often reach burnout, a point in which we're overworked, stressed out, anxious, and physically and mentally exhausted. Regular resets can ensure that your mind and body are always performing at optimal levels. Resets can happen at the start of a new year, month, week, day or at any time of your choosing. They can happen in the form of a vacation, a Sunday to yourself, or other interesting activities. The most important outcome of a reset is to be a better person (even if only incrementally) than you were before the reset.

A reset is an extremely powerful way to keep your wheels turning and make your life more fulfilling. So keep pressing your reset button as much as you can to continue to be your best self.