Monday Musings, 8: "Success Is Not What You Think It Is"

What does it mean to be successful? If you're like most people, the number one thing that comes to mind is money. More money equals more success. Or does it?

In our modern perception of success, a successful person is defined by their ability to gain, maintain, and grow their wealth—which mostly consists of the value of their bank accounts, properties, and investments—as well as their ability to display their wealth. This has caused us to become more materialistic and superficial in the way we live our lives. Every action we take is profit or consumption-motivated at the expense of the people around us and our globe.

The notion that you can't be successful if you're not rich or extremely wealthy is a misnomer. Success has never been a universal concept. In fact, it's a subjective concept that doesn't even exist in some cultures. Everyone's vision of success should look differently. Having ultimate success can mean doing something that you love to do every day, even if it's not the best option financially. It can also mean hitting a point where your personal satisfaction has reached its peak and all important elements of life are present and in perfect synchronization.

Life can be lived without a goal characterized by money. You define what success looks like to you and whether or not success should even have relevance in the first place.