Monday Musings, 43: "Starting Over"

It's normal to think that you'll never get a second chance at life. After all, we only get one life to live. What most people don't realize, however, is that life is full of do-overs. What I mean by that is although you only get one physical life, you can carve out many lives for yourself as you progress through your physical life. This underscores the power of resets, the process of decompressing and rejuvenating yourself from a starting point.

As 2017 kicks into gear, remember that you can have as many do-overs as you please. Your life is just an iteration process. If your 2016 wasn't so good, know that those demons don't have to carry over into 2017. You can close the door on your past and open another that leads to a promising future. However, it's up to you to trigger that do-over. When you decide to finally let go of all of the things that failed to enhance your life and savor the elements that make up the essence of your being, you'll be able to start over from the beginning, as if you were reborn.