Monday Musings, 38: "Share Your Bad Experiences"

You'll experience many things throughout your life. Some of them will be good experiences, and some of them will be bad experiences. You'll be more tempted to share your good experiences over your bad ones. But, surprisingly, your bad experiences are as valuable as your good ones.

Chances are your bad experiences aren't unique to your life. Many people will go through the same bad experiences you've gone through. Sharing your bad experiences with those who haven't had the same bad experiences is important. With your revelations, you can help thousands (and maybe millions) of people overcome the same challenges you've had. If you hold the belief that humans are obligated to help others, sharing your bad experiences and lessons learned is the least you can do to make an impact.

So don't keep your bad experiences to yourself. Share them with others, and you may just change someone's life.