Monday Musings, 41: "Poor Leadership Equals Poor Productivity"

Think back to every group or team you were a part of that never got anything done. It's anyone's guess as to why those groups or teams weren't successful. But there's no doubt that the burden falls on the shoulders of one person.

In every group or team dynamic, there's a leader, a manager, a figurehead. This person is responsible for providing direction, motivating, and building a clear path for the rest of the team to thrive and be productive. But when leaders can't lead and fail to provide direction, productivity suffers.

The best leaders know how to make their team productive and successful. This usually happens with clear goals and tasks, a great vision, a strong strategy, and a keen sense of pace. Without those elements, any team will fail to produce results.

When assuming the role of a leader, focus on setting clear goals, crafting a vision that's reachable, delegating clear tasks, and managing your team for optimal productivity.