Monday Musings, 14: "Life Takes Time to Become Worth It"

For some people, life is a road with a purpose and direction. For others, life is a road with an unknown destination. When we're born, there's no predetermined path for us. The future is uncertain for everyone at birth. However, when we become exposed to the complexities of our life and environment, our paths become more defined, our purpose becomes clearer, and life become increasingly worth it. We're hit with the realization that we can live for something. Everyday life doesn't have to be rife with mundanity. There's a lot in the world that needs our attention, and it takes time to fully commit ourselves to these forces. But when we commit, our lives become richer.

For those who aren't sure about what's next and the value life, just know that it takes time to find your purpose. No matter how mundane life can seem sometimes, just know that it can get better and usually does with time and a little effort on your end to make things better. Put simply, life takes time to become worth it.