Monday Musings, 35: "Kill the Noise, Think for Yourself"

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, after an unprecedented presidential race, the majority of Americans will head to the polls to vote for the next president of the United States. While some people have been dead set on who they're going to vote for from the very beginning, others aren't so sure who their chosen candidate will be. The ones who are still undecided are at risk of being swayed by news, rumors, fake stories, and uneducated opinions and assessments on social media. This can lead to an unintended outcome for the election, and that's something we need to avoid at all costs.

During a time like a presidential election, you'll hear varying opinions, rumors, leaks, and other information that'll make you second guess your decision. Thanks to technology, social media, and unprecedented access to information, there's a lot of "noise" that can prevent us from thinking for ourselves. When it comes to decision-making (during an election and overall), it's important to think for yourself. Refer to credible outside sources to educate yourself. But, most importantly, use your morals and values to guide you to an ultimate decision. Don't worry about what others think. Focus on making the best decision possible that reflects your thinking and your values. Your decision is your responsibility, not everyone else's.