Monday Musings, 39: "How to Break out of Your Comfort Zone"

Life is good when everything is predictable. When you know what's going to happen before it happens, when you know how something tastes before you eat it, or when you know the outcome of an action before you do it, it puts your mind at ease. It makes you less stressed and anxious. This is called being in your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is not a place for the unpredictable. It's a place that's meant to suppress uncertainty and keep you away from the dangerous unknown. But your comfort zone can hold you back and prevent you from enjoying life.

The key to breaking out of your comfort zone is first identifying what your ideal life looks like. What are some things you would like to enjoy that you haven't? Once you identify your ideal life, then think about the fears/challenges that are holding you back from achieving your ideal life and enjoying the activities that make up your ideal life. Lastly, one by one, tackle each activity and its associated fears/challenges. Start small and then move to bigger activities and fears/challenges as time goes on. Don't tackle a second activity until you tackle the first. Once you overcome the fears/challenges that are keeping you in your comfort zone, your achievements will become a thrill. You'll then thrive off of shattering your comfort zone, at which point facing the unpredictable will become habitual.