Monday Musings, 37: "Making Hard Decisions Is Hard"

One of the best things about being an independent, whole person is the fact that you get to take full control of your life and be the sole decision-maker when it comes to decisions that impact your life and that you can control. Yet, a lot of the decisions you'll have to make throughout your life will be hard ones. These are decisions that you won't want to make, but have to because of circumstances. Some of these decisions will be counterproductive, some of them will negatively impact people you care about, and some them will have no better alternatives.

Life is full of hard decisions. Depending on your status and position of power, you'll be more or less faced with hard decision-making. Either way, the best way to approach hard decisions is with an open mind and confidence in the impact that your decisions will have in the short-term and long-term. No one always makes the best decisions, but the only thing that matters is if your decisions are the right decisions for you and other people and things that will be affected.