Monday Musings, 40: "Your Environment Is Making You Unhappy"

I've recently become more interested in the philosophy of feng shui, which is an ancient Chinese philosophy that guides the art of placement in environments to achieve "flow." In layman's terms, it's a philosophy that'll help you make your physical environment look less like a shit show.

Feng shui is a discipline based on the belief that our environment affects us. People who study feng shui believe that creating harmonious environments improves health and happiness. This means that those who dwell in cluttered, distraction-filled environments may be less happier than those who enjoy spacious, calming environments.

In order to achieve maximum happiness, don't overlook your surrounding environment. Focus on creating an environment that provides ease of movement, visual stimulation (e.g. natural light, calming colors), and elements that provide peace and help you breathe and think better. For example, remove fixtures that impede traffic in your home, opt for curved furniture instead of cornered furniture, add plants to help you breathe better, and open up your home for more natural light.

Once you take pride in opening up your environment, achieving peace and happiness will become much easier.