Monday Musings, 42: "Christmas Is Not What It Used to Be"

When I was a kid, not surprisingly, I always looked forward to Christmas. The excitement I endured in the days leading up to Christmas was unbearable. I knew that whatever was under the Christmas tree was exactly what I wanted and more. The gifts I received over the years included a new Xbox, new Gameboys, action figures, clothes from Old Navy, and a ton of other toys, games, and gadgets that tickled my fancy. Yep, Christmas was all about receiving gifts, and not much else.

Now, Christmas is different. It's not worse; it's just different. As some people get older, the excitement of receiving gifts never dies. Although I always enjoy receiving gifts, and I'm always grateful for the gesture, the things that made me enjoy Christmas are no longer relevant. I find myself not wanting or expecting much from anyone. What I look forward to the most is spending time with my family, the greatest gift anyone could have. And as I get older, I hope to give others the joy and excitement that I experienced as a child.

Christmas isn't what it used to be because it's no longer about me and my desires. Now, I focus on spreading joy and love in the best way I can.