Monday Musings, 16: "Why You Should Focus on Being Likeable"

Admit it, you want nothing to do with people you don't like. These may be people who rub you the wrong way, who are self-centered, obnoxious, mean, selfish, bigots, or have other undesirable traits. You try your hardest not to become one of these people, and you surely wouldn't make an effort to help one of these people when they're in need. The thing about these people is that if they're not millionaires and are already in a great position for success, they won't make it very far in their careers and lives. Why not? Because they're not likeable.

When you're a likable person, you have certain characteristics that make people want to help you. Opportunities flow naturally towards you when people like you. No one will hesitate to help you out if they feel you've earned it through your hard work, kindness, and sincerity. This is true in the realm of business and the sphere of life. We help people that we like and get along with. That's why likeability is one of the most underestimated traits anyone can have.

Although it's an important key to success, likeability can't be faked. It has to come naturally. It has to be a part of your fabric as a person. In other words, if you're an unlikeable person, becoming likeable isn't something that will happen overnight. It takes time, in addition to a fundamental change in the way you live your life and interact with others. But when you finally become a person that everyone loves to be around, a person that everyone admires, a person that can make anyone smile and feel comfortable, then you'll receive opportunities that you never would've imagined you could have. And you'll have them simply because people like you.